Final Project: Multi-Media Presentation (30%)

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The final project in this course is to develop a multi-media presentation on a topic of your choice to a population of your choice. To develop your multi-media presentation, take a theme from Module 4: Knowledge to Practice Gaps or Evidence-based Prevention Approaches; Module 5: Reducing Stigma; or Module 6: Interprofessional Practice. You can choose any media you like (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, academic poster, YouTube video, photography, website, music, etc.). Remember to target your media presentation to a specific audience (youth group, school board, colleagues, parents, management team, etc.).

Make your presentation 15–20 minutes in length; it should have both an audio and a visual component.  Your presentation must clearly integrate themes from this course, and identify the evidence for the standpoint that you are taking.  Also, it must also be suitable for your intended audience.

Criteria for Assessment

Multi-Media Presentation Marking Rubric

Letter Grade  
Numerical Grade Criteria






Excellent. First Class Standing. Superior Performance showing comprehensive, in‐depth understanding of subject matter. Demonstrates initiative and fluency of expression.

  • Originality and sophistication evidenced in the multimedia presentation.
  • Audio and visual components are both very strong.
  • Content of presentation has a strong evidence base and is connected to themes of the course.
  • Presentation has an analytical perspective.
  • Presentation is relevant to the target audience.






Very Good. Second Class Standing. Clearly above average performance with knowledge of principles and facts generally complete and with no serious deficiencies.

  • Coherent multimedia presentation with evidence of originality and sophistication.
  • Either the audio or visual component of the presentation may be weak.
  • Content is reasonably good and is related to themes of the course.
  • Presentation is primarily descriptive in nature.
  • Presentation is appropriate to the target audience.




Satisfactory. Basic understanding with knowledge of principles and facts at least adequate to communicate intelligently in the discipline.

·         Multimedia presentation is clear but may not provide a great deal of creativity or sustain interest level.

·         Either the audio or visual component may be missing or very weak.

·         Content is relevant to the substance use workforce but not clearly linked to the themes of the course.

·         Presentation may be missing some key content and/or include some inaccurate or unsupported information.

·         Presentation is appropriate for the target audience.



Pass. Some understanding of principles and facts but with definite deficiencies. Minimal Pass. A passing grade indicating marginal performance. Student not likely to succeed in subsequent courses in the subject.
·         Little evidence of creativity or consideration of the target population’s interest level in the presentation.

·         Either the audio or visual component of the presentation is missing or very weak.

·         Minimal linkage to the content of the course.

·         Presentation design not appropriate for the target audience.

Unsatisfactory. Fail. Knowledge of principles and facts is fragmentary, or student has failed to complete substantive course requirements.

  • Presentation is very weak and may be very short or far too long.
  • A major component may be completely missing.
  • No linkage to content of the course.
  • Not suitable for any substance use purposes.