Course Guide

Alignment With the National Interprofessional Competency Domains of the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative

This course supports the development of the following Interprofessional Competency Domains for Canada’s healthcare workforce. These competencies were developed by the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative.

Role Clarification:

Understands one’s role and the roles of other professions, and uses this knowledge appropriately to establish and achieve client/family and community goals.

Client/Family/Community-Centered Care:

Seeks out, integrates, and values, as a partner, the input and the engagement of the client/family/community in designing and implementing care/services.

Interprofessional Communication:

Communicates with practitioners from different professions in a collaborative, responsive and responsible manner.

From: Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative. (2010). A National Interprofessional Competency Framework. Vancouver, BC