Course Guide


To successfully complete this course, you must achieve a passing grade of 50% or higher on the overall course and 50% or higher on the mandatory final project. The following table illustrates how your final grade will be determined for this course.



Assignment 1: Integration Journal A


Assignment 2: Self-Reflection Paper


Assignment 3: Evidence Based Decision Making


Assignment 4: Integration Journal B


Final Project: Multi-Media Presentation




Online Discussions

Throughout the course, you will be given opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas on particular topics with your fellow learners in discussion areas. These discussions are optional but provide you with an area to share ideas and make connections with your fellow learners. We encourage you to participate in these discussions and to return to them throughout the course to see what others have added and whether anyone has responded to your posts by making a comment or asking a question.

Student Café

An informal discussion space called the “Student Café” has been set up for you to easily communicate with other learners in the course about matters of mutual interest regarding your studies and professional development. This is an informal gathering area to help build a learning community, and you will not be graded on these postings. For more information about online discussions and netiquette see

Grading Scale

The official grading scale for all Open Learning courses is the official TRU Academic/Career/Developmental Programs scale as noted in TRU’s “Grading Systems and Procedures.” For detailed information, go to