Assignment 1: Integration Journal A (8%)

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It is now time to write your second entry in your Integration Journal. You can find more details in your Assignment File.

Integration Journal #2: De-stigmatizing Substance Use Disorders—Is it Willpower or a Disease of the Brain?

In the previous lesson, we reviewed how substance use disorders are stigmatized by the public. In part, this stigmatization is due to the prevalent myth that substance use disorders are “chosen” by individuals, and that with enough willpower, they could change. This lesson focused on the evidence that substance use disorders are complex neurobiological diseases affected by the social environment. You have been asked to present a summary of this perspective in your local paper. Using the videos and readings associated with this lesson, write 500–600 words that supports an argument that substance use disorder is a “brain disease.” The aim of your article is to reduce the public stigma associated with substance use disorders by clearly and persuasively presenting the evidence associated with the brain disease concept.