Assignment 4: Integration Journal B (12%)

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It is now time to make the first entry in your Integration Journal for Assignment 4. For more details, see your Assignment File.

Integration Journal 5: Chronic Disease Model or Population Health Model of Treatment

Decision makers have limited resources they can use to treat people with substance use disorders. Both the Aria & McLellan (2012) and the Cunningham & McCambridge (2011) articles argue that perspectives on treatment etiology should match treatment options. If you were asked to present an argument to decision makers on your perspective on allocating resources, what would it be?

Write 500–600 words providing an abstract of your argument and recommendation. Be sure to include APA referencing (just from the 2 articles in Activity 1) to support your argument as well as the countervailing one. Also, include a clarification of the linkage between etiology and treatment.