Activity 3: The role of the media in propagating stigma

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Substance use is embedded in popular media, which reflects societal values in relationship to substance use. If you are not sure of the validity of this statement, just think about the smoking and drinking habits shown in the very popular TV series Mad Men.

This activity is light and perhaps whimsical. The Cape (2003) article looks at how people with substance use disorders are portrayed in popular movies. The YouTube clip, an interview conducted by the BBC (2012), is a debate that illustrates the various ideological positions inherent in substance use work. Russell Brand, always provocative, debates journalist Peter Hitchens. While both parties are advocating for change, they have very different perspectives.


  1. Read: Cape, G. (2003). Addiction, stigma and movies. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavia, 107, 163–169. (available through TRU Library)
  2. View: BBC Newsnight. (Producer). (2012, Aug 10). Russell Brand/Peter Hitchens drugs debate (BBC Newsnight, 2012.08.10.Fri). Retrieved from
  3. Enjoy and Have fun!