Activity 3: CCSA competencies and interprofessional collaboration

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In this last activity of this course, we revisit the CCSA competencies that initially were introduced in Lesson 1 and that you reflected on in Assignment 2. In Lesson 5, you reviewed the CCSA competencies in relationship to your evidence-based decision making skills. In this final lesson, you will consider your competencies in the area of interprofessional collaboration.


  1. Revisit the template that you begin in Lesson 5 to maintain a record of your progress on the CCSA competencies.
  2. Revisit the CCSA Competencies, paying particular attention to those competencies associated with interprofessional collaboration.
  3. Review the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC) (2010) competencies.
  4. Develop your competency document to include your growing strengths in interprofessional collaboration, and any goals you have to continue to develop them.