Assignment 4: Integration Journal B (12%)

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It is now time to make the sixth and final entry in your Integration Journal B for Assignment 4 and submit it to your Open Learning Faculty Member. For more detailed instructions, see your Assignment File.

Integration Journal #10: System of Care—Moving Professional Collaboration Forward

Interprofessional collaboration within a robust and broad system of care would seem to have good prospects for translating evidence-based knowledge into practice, resulting in positive outcomes for the substance use and substance use disorder population. However, in practice, interprofessional collaboration is challenging for a number of reasons. In this integration journal, write 500–600 words identifying an example of a time when you experienced interprofessional collaboration as effective in providing positive service user outcomes. Complete the journal entry by identifying individual practices that you would like to strengthen, and areas that you would like to advocate for strengthening within the system of care to coalesce interprofessional collaboration in your agency/community or region. If you are not currently practicing, refer to other experiences you have had.