Activity 1: Analyzing a job description

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This activity provides an opportunity for you to become familiar with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Competency documents. The activities associated with these reference documents will enable you to assess your own competencies in relation to the national standards, as well as the expectations of your employer.


  1. Link to the Workforce competencies on the CCSA website and review the documents available at:
  2. Read the Sample Job Description: Substance Abuse Counsellor on pages I-11 and I-12 of the “Section 1—Behavioural Competencies Report” available on the website above.
  3. If you are currently employed as a substance use counsellor, review your job description to see if it reflects the CCSA competencies. If you are not currently employed as a substance use counsellor, visit the website of the local or regional employers of substance use counsellors, or visit a generic substance use counsellor website and review a job description.
  4. When you analyze the job description in terms of CCSA competencies, are any areas missing? How would you rewrite the job description to be more reflective of the breadth of competencies?