Activity 1: Appraising the evidence

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Carrying out a critical appraisal of the evidence is important before moving to an implementation phase. It is a process in which the “practitioner evaluates the research evidence in terms of (1) validity, (2) the results, i.e., the reliability; and (3) the applicability to practice” (Johnston & Fineout-Overholt, 2006, p. 44). This activity builds on the searches you completed in Activity 4 in Lesson 5.

Make note of the caution on the CIHR site, that no study is perfect, so be careful not to throw out studies that may have a high relevance to your practice question.


  1. Return to the CIHR website at and focus on “Part 4: Appraise. How can I decide if the particular study is good enough to apply?”
  2. Read the article “Critically appraising the literature” by the Johnston & Fineout-Overholt (2006).
  3. Apply the appraisal process to five of the articles that you found in your literature search. The appraisal process you use will depend on the type of evidence you find.