Activity 3: Putting it all together: Kimberly Fadar

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You have completed all the steps in evidence-based decision making, and now you can feel more confident in applying them to a new situation.


  1. Read the Real-Life Case of Ms. Kimberly Fadar:

    Ms. Kimberly Fader is a 25 year old woman with a history of opioid dependence. She works as a bartender in a dance club. You first met Kim 2 years ago when she entered your residential treatment facility for opioid detoxification. Although successful in abstaining from opioid use for 2 months, she subsequently relapsed and did not return for further treatment. Today, she appears at your facility quite distraught. Two weeks ago, she discovered that she was 3 months pregnant. Since then, she has made a concerted effort to reduce her opioid use but is unable to cope. She has come to ask for your advice. She wonders if she should begin opioid detoxification or maybe methadone maintenance treatment. Which is the safest approach for her baby?

  2. Complete all the steps associated with EBDM that have been covered in Lessons 5 & 6.
  3. In Assignment 3, you will be asked to identify two articles that are relevant to answering this question. The articles you select should be highly relevant (clinically applicable) to the case and be of the highest level of evidence you can find.
  4. In Assignment 3, you also will be asked to write a summary recommendation statement that incorporates all the elements of evidence-based decision making.

Do not buy any papers for this activity. If you follow the steps outlined in the Forrest and Miller papers, you will find relevant, high level papers that are available for free.