Activity 3: What doesn’t work

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Along with understanding the effectiveness of particular programs and interventions, it is important to also be aware of programs that have been discredited by the evidence. Some of these programs, such as the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program, are still very much embedded in the Canadian substance use culture. Despite the lack of evidence of its effectiveness, DARE is taught to approximately 75,000 students in 1,600 schools across Canada. Other programs such as Scared Straight or Videotape Self Confrontation, which are popular in the public media, also don’t show efficacy.

In this activity it is worthwhile to revisit the Glasner-Edwards (2010) article that we reviewed before.


  1. Read: Norcross, J. C., Koocher, G. P., Fala, N. C., & Wexler, H. K. (2010). What does not work? Expert consensus on discredited treatments in the addictions. Journal Addictive Medicine, 4, 174–80.
  2. Re-read: Glasner-Edwards, S., & Rawson, R. (2010). Evidence-based practices in addiction treatment: Review and recommendations for public policy. Health Policy, 97(2–3), 93–104.