Assignment 4: Integration Journal B (12%)

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It is now time to make your second entry in your Integration Journal B for Assignment 4. For more information, see your Assignment File.

Integration Journal 6: The Evidence Basis of my Practice

This lesson has provided a lot of insight into the contemporary research and literature on the effectiveness of a range of treatment interventions for substance use disorders, as well as the ineffectiveness of other commonly known interventions. As a reflexive practitioner interested in evidence-based practice, this journal entry is about synthesizing your practice interventions into an evidence-based framework.

Write 500–600 words that succinctly identify the practices that you currently do, and support these practices by the evidence provided in this lesson’s readings (use APA citations where applicable). As reflexive practitioners, new learning continues to inform our practice. Include some reflection on practices that you are likely to want to reduce or eliminate, and the ones that you intend to strengthen.


Depending on your current area of practice or interest, you may want to focus on, for example, pharmacotherapy, or psychosocial (behavioural) interventions, or interventions with youth. If you are not currently in practice, reflect on your existing professional and knowledge base as a way of preparing yourself for the substance use workforce.